• Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Greetings to you all from Babal.Host! We're grateful for all your continued support and hope for the same in the days to follow.

We're bringing back the monthly update for the month of August 2021.

Babal Host global ambition

Our ambition since inception has always been to be a global brand. To realize the ambition that we set at the start of our journey, we have finally completed the registration process for our company in the USA some months back. We're working in the background to launch a different brand with a global focus - the resources and knowledge would be shared with the two brands giving way for a lot of great things in the future.

Stripe: Our new payment solution

We have now started accepting all the major credit and debit cards be it of Nepal (dollar card) or anywhere else in the world with Stripe. All the payments are automated with the gateway.

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Changes to what happens to a domain post-expiry

We have reduced the fee involved for domains post-expiry and in the grace period from the previous NPR. 500 to now NPR. 100.

We have also revised the duration a domain remains in the grace period to 20 days from the previous 30.

The redemption fee for the domains is now set to NPR. 15,000 and the duration increased from the previous 5 days to now 10 days.

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.COM price update complete

Based on the earlier announcement about the .com price change - it is now live. The domain registration/renewal/transfer for .COM sees a 9.1% increment to now be NPR. 1,200 per year. The price increment comes from the registrar Verisign and impacts the entire industry as a whole. Verisign per the agreement with ICANN can increase the price for 2022 and 2023 as well with 2 year gap in between and for the next 4 years.

Hosting service grace and termination period

We wanted to highlight our policy for hosting service post expiry date. We do provide a 2-day grace period for all the hosting plans after it's expired. This is added period for you to renew the service if you missed the earlier notice. Failing to do so within this period, would mean the service would be suspended between 00.00 to 00.05 on the 3rd day.

Emails about the suspension would be sent - however, we'll also try to communicate via phone (when possible) about the service suspension and the termination that is to follow. Please ensure your email address and phone number are correct and updated. After the phone call attempt, we do send a 72-hrs termination notice for the account in the registered email.

The hosting account is then terminated on or after the 5th day. Once the account is terminated, all the hosting data in the account is completely wiped out from our system. We can still look for backup from our remote backup location within 30 days from the date of expiry - but we can't assure you that we'll be able to restore the service to its original state once it's terminated.

So, we do suggest all our users keep their email addresses and phone numbers updated. And, let us know before time if you require few more days to clear the dues. We're flexible as long as we're aware of your situation and intention.

Update to client area "Email History"

The email history section accessible from the client area will only include emails that are no more than a month old. Anything older will be flushed out at monthly intervals. All the emails sent before August 1, 2021, have been removed just before this announcement.

House Clearing: Updated

We have continued filtering out all the non-completed orders and invoices to keep the number as low as possible. We plan to keep invoices and orders on the pending list for no longer than 7 days (for new purchase orders). Your order would be automatically canceled after that period. You can reorder the same thing though if you want. However, the promo code or any discounts used if it doesn't exist at the time of the new order would be unfortunately lost.

New Servers Added

We have added more options for the server base and now provide our service from Singapore (8) and India (2) for Nepal. We do also have the UK as a server location and would soon be adding the USA to our list.

Client area and system core updated

We have performed updates to our client area and system core. With it, we have added some changes to the user interface as well. You can now also have a profile picture attached to your profile - for this, we make use of Gravatar and anything that you have there is what comes to our system here. You can create your own Gravatar / Profile picture from https://en.gravatar.com/

Some Statistics

In the month of August, we had 840 chat conversations with you all. The total duration for the live chat was 217hrs 30min.

Our average first response time for the month of August for the live chat was 39 seconds.

We also had a total of 273 support tickets opened during this period. There were 380 total responses from our technical staff team.

We currently host 5,452 websites across our platform and growing every day. We would like to thank you all once again for your continued support.

Routine task & Our commitment to our community

We're hiring: Customer Support - IT (Internship)

We're looking for someone who is in love with Babal Host for an internship role leading to a full-time position at the end of the 3-month period. You can work from home during this period and will primarily be responsible for handling live chat and updating blog articles. If you're interested in the position please write to us at [email protected]

Office Opening: Updated

With the active cases in Kathmandu valley still high, we have reviewed our position on the official physical location re-opening date. Given the new reality, we will continue operating from our home location until at least the end of October 2021. We will continuously monitor the situation and make further decisions on the same.

Our office is however open on a need basis for few hours per day. We do try to avoid physical interactions, however, if required - do let us know at least a few days in advance for us to schedule a meeting in a secure environment.

For collecting the VAT bills, please let us know a day in advance of the tentative time range when you're to arrive - and we can have the required arrangements made and the bill properly kept in the envelope for you to come and collect without any holding period.

Calling in all creators

Do you love writing or making a video? Have you used our product or want to use it? Please get in touch with us at [email protected] or write to us in a support ticket via our client area to connect with us with details of your platform and what you would like to write/share about. We can then schedule a time to chat or communicate via call as required. 

We will allow you all the creative control for creating your masterpiece and compensate you with your valuable time and effort - please let us know what's your ask before you start though :)

Hosting an event and looking for support?

The Babal Host team is grateful for the talented web designers, developers, and every one of you for your support to us. Together, you've all helped move us to the forefront of web hosting in Nepal. You have helped us establish as one of the first names when it comes to web hosting solutions in Nepal. We are grateful for it all.

In these strange times, we’re looking for ways to help support the digital community. With this in mind, we want to ensure that the sharing and the feel of the community don't stop. We will support you in any way we can to help you successfully run your event be it by providing a Zoom license or providing marketing support or mentoring in the process. We're open to ideas - drop us a mail at [email protected] with a summary of what your event will cover and what support you expect from us and we can discuss further.