• Saturday, August 14, 2021

Often times we get asked what happens to a domain once it's expired. We try to answer the question with the following announcement - also including some of the changes to our pricing for the grace period.

Every TLD (domain name) has its own/different rules and regulations and with it, different pricing and time period before the domain is considered expired.

We're basing the article on ".COM" domain names. 

Once the domain expires, it enters a grace period, followed by redemption, and then enters the delete phase (when the domain can't be renewed) after which the domain is removed from the registry system completely and is available as new registration from anywhere. Following are the time period and charges involved in each of the stages (includes renewal possible stage after domain expiry):

Grace period

Duration: 30 days 20 days

Extra charge: NPR. 500 NPR. 100

Redemption period

Duration: 5 days 10 days

Extra charge: NPR. 25,000 NPR. 15,000

The domain past the redemption period would be removed from our system and would be under Verisign - we can still try restoring the domain for the next 10-15 days after the redemption period is over - however, the process and duration for the restoration would be longer. A domain will truly expire around 80-90 days after its original expiry date after which anyone can register that domain name from any registrar around the world.