• Wednesday, September 13, 2023

UPDATE @12.36: The issue has been resolved with Interaptus Limited (network provider in use by Wordlink) now successfully resolving to the right path forward. 

With the fix from Interaptus Limited (network provider in use by Wordlink) - the websites and all things should be operational as normal.


Worldlink (Nepal) users might be experiencing issues with Singapore servers starting at 12.01 PM due to issues on their end.

We have currently received multiple reports of websites hosted under the Singapore network block not responding or loading for several users.

As we checked the issue further, we noticed that this is primarily specific to “Worldlink” as an ISP alone and is due to their routing path in use.

The traffic is routed via Hetauda - Butwal - Hongkong (Interaptus Limited) which cannot route the traffic any further resulting in the issue.

We have conveyed the error to the Worldlink team but this is something for the ISP to work on with their network provider and unfortunately, no action on our end would change the outcome. 

This is a repeat of an incident that happened with Worldlink earlier in July 20, 2023.

This is one of the trace report we have available for the case:


The connection hits up to and then fails to continue further. states the unreachable IP. 

Both these IPs belong to Interaptus Limited which is the source of the issue here.

Unfortunately for the case, there's nothing we can do on our part to change the outcome. The fix need to come from Worldlink by changing the routing path or Interaptus Limited, which Wordlink is using to route further need to resolve the underlying issue.