• Sunday, October 16, 2022

We would like to start this off with deep gratitude towards you all for all the support that you have provided us directly or indirectly throughout our journey so far. It meant the world to us. Thank you for everything, it all made us stronger and helped us be in the position we're in currently.

As we keep saying from the very start, Babal Host isn't just another addition to a long list of web hosting providers, we were born from years of frustration of not being able to find suitable web hosting solutions for our own needs. We always promise that we won't sell you unnecessary add-ons. We would never leave you strangled when you need assistance with any of your plans with us. We’re here to be a better hosting company and we will always stand true to our words.

As we continue with the brand, we continuously strive to provide the best service we could, at a price you could afford without compromising on the quality.

As we complete 3 wonderful years of our journey with Babal.Host, year 4 is now all about solidifying our base while extending our support documents from text-based to visual guides through videos on "how to", and more. We do plan to add at least 3 videos per week which this being almost a video per day for the initial few topics we want to cover.

If you have any suggestions on the topic we should cover (within the scope of service we provide) - do drop them to us via either live chat, support ticket, facebook messenger, or email and we will make sure to have that covered for you as well.

We will also start with quarterly updates with the Q3 update coming up later on in the week which will include more details of what we have been doing and where we stand.