When configuring Core FTP, you will download an XML file (from cPanel > FTP Accounts) and tool you want to and import it to your Core FTP client. To configure the Core FTP client:


Step 1:

Download and install Core FTP.


Step 2:

Select either the FTP Configuration File or the SFTP Configuration File option and save it to your desktop. Whenever possible, we recommend using SFTP, as it is more secure.

Configuring CoreFTP, Step 2 


Step 3:

Double-click (or open) on the configuration file you just downloaded.


Step 4:

Core FTP will automatically open and log you into your FTP account.


Step 5:

To import Core FTP configuration settings, click Sites⇀Site Manager. Next, right click the main window and click Import⇀Core FTP. Select the saved configuration file to import the data.

 Importing Configuration files in CoreFTP Site Manager, final step



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