The following tutorial assumes that you're already logged into your cPanel. If you're not sure how to please refer to your welcome mail or check "How to login to your cPanel" in our knowledgebase.

Creating a new email is straight forward. You need to browse to 'Email' section in your cPanel and click on 'Email Address' option.

Creating your Email Account, Step 1

Once you click on it, at the top of the screen you can see 'Add email Account' section which will look like this:
Creating your email account, Step 2

From this page, you can set everything up for your email and create one easily in under a minute. In the first field 'Emil' you just need to enter the initial of the desired email address you want to like 'info' or 'contact' or anything you want. In the next field, simply select the domain of whose email you want to create (please note the domain must be added in our server and has to point to our mail server to function).

You need to enter your password making sure that it's strong enough and set the quota for the email, you can set any limit to your email address or simply select 'Unlimited' and you've nothing to worry about email storage. 

Once you're done with it, simply click on 'Create Account' and your email address is create. Want to create another email address? Simply follow the same step and you're good to go.

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