We're assuming that you've already logged into the cPanel for this tutorial. 

You need to locate 'Email' section in your cPanel home and find 'Forwarders' 

Email Forwarders, Step 1

or simply search for it using the search bar at the top left-hand side. Click on Forwarders to work any further on it.

Email Forwarders, Alternative Step 1

You can add two different types of forwarders. One of it is different forwarders for every email address or none for some and the other is for every email from a domain itself which is called as 'Domain Forwarder'. We'll see how to create either of them below:

Creating Forwarder

Step 1: Click on 'Add Forwarders' from the page you're in

Step 2: Enter the initial (one before '@') for the email address you want to add forwarders and select the domain from the next field (i.e. the value after '@' for your email [here])

Step 3: Under 'Destination' section. Select "Forward to Email Address" where you need to enter the email address (in full) where you want your emails to be viewed in.

Step 4: Click on "Add Forwarder" to confirm the change/addition.

Creating Domain Forwarder

Step 1: Creating Domain forwarder is a similar process as well. You need to select 'Add Domain Forwarder' which is just next to 'Add Forwarders' from Forwarder page.

Step 2: Under the first field, you need to select which domain's email you want to be forwarded. In the next field, simply put your email address of where you want that email to appear.

Step 3: Click on "Add Domain Forwarder" to confirm it.

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